LAST UPDATED: June 3rd 2020

When will IMD reopen its campus?

During the lockdown, IMD’s Executive Committee took the decision to close its campus and suspended all new face-to-face executive programs from 13 March to 8 June 2020.

During this period, IMD remained committed to delivering our thought leadership through courageous conversations and by ramping up a “the speed of change” our “liVe” (digital and interactive) offering while monitoring the global situation as authorities around the world begin slowly to lift lockdown restrictions put in place to stem the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are now satisfied that we can safely reopen our Lausanne campus and cautiously resume activities with a range of precautionary measures in place. We remain vigilant and will continue to keep a close eye on events and stand ready to act, if necessary, to further support the containment of the pandemic.

As such, from 8 June 2020, IMD will resume face-to-face executive education programs and activities on its Lausanne campus.

We will be offering a mix of liVe, face-to-face and hybrid delivery for programs either using IMD’s online platforms, or reschedule face-to-face interactions for those that are unable to participate at this time. This decision will be made on a program by program basis, and executives and companies registered for these programs are being contacted accordingly.

What measures are being taken at the IMD campus in Lausanne?

As we reopen our campus, we will follow the guidance of the federal authorities and the World Health Organization. This careful approach will include implementing a range of precautionary measures to safeguard the welfare of our participants and the IMD team on site.

These measures cover five key areas -

Hazard screening, personnel management, engineering controls, administrative controls and personal protective equipment - such as:

  • All campus visitors must register at reception. Visitors who show symptoms such as difficulties breathing, a cough or fever are asked to seek medical clearance.
  • Pre-arrival surveys and clear guidance for participants and visitors. Visitors’ travel history is being screened pre-arrival via an online declaration form in order to protect participants, faculty and staff.
  • Regular temperature screening for all participants, staff and visitors. Anyone refusing to have her/his temperature checked will be not be admitted on campus.
  • Hygiene measures are constantly being reinforced such as enhanced frequency of daily in-depth cleaning across campus, avoiding close personal contact (handshakes, kisses and hugs etc.) and encouraging people to avoid touching their eyes, mouth or nose with their hands.
  • Social distancing in line with Swiss regulations, via signage and seating plans.
  • Plexiglass partitions in study and work areas.
  • Campus-wide availability of sanitiser gel and disinfectant.
  • Masks recommended and available on campus.
  • Increased airflow and air filtering inside buildings.
  • Full hygiene and social distancing protocols in the IMD restaurant
  • Staff have been trained to recognize symptoms and take respective measures in the event of a suspected case.
  • Dedicated quarantine room: Any participant or staff member who has difficulty breathing, a cough or fever whilst on campus will be isolated in the infirmary at the Maersk McKinney Moller Center and the health authorities will be informed accordingly.
  • Home-working for all non-client facing IMD staff.
  • For now, we advise all people considered to be vulnerable at this time to avoid campus.
  • A continuous awareness campaign has been launched across campus as a reminder of the hygiene measures recommended by the WHO.

What should I do if I suspect I may have COVID-19 symptoms while on campus?

According to the World Health Organization, the main symptoms of COVID-19 include a persistent cough, fever and difficulty in breathing. Any participant or staff member who has difficulty in breathing, a cough or a fever whilst on campus should report immediately to the infirmary at the Maersk McKinney Moller Center, where the individual will be isolated and the health authorities will be informed accordingly.

What should I do if I think my engagement at IMD might be affected?

Please contact your respective client sales team or program director to discuss your concerns and, if necessary, make alternative arrangements. If you do not have a personal contact please email or call +41-21-618-01-11.

How is IMD monitoring the situation and managing its response to the outbreak?

As the lockdown is eased, IMD will continue to remain extremely vigilant and to closely monitor all developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to ensure the highest level of personal wellbeing, safety and peace of mind for our participants, staff and community. We stand ready to adjust any of our measures as necessary, working in partnership with the authorities.

These actions will continue to be led and managed by an internal Task Force which has been working on a daily basis since the start of the year to review and assess all available, relevant information about the pandemic. 

Based on this regular assessment, the Task Force will continue to make recommendations for any action to be taken by IMD in response to the outbreak. This approach will ensure that our response to the outbreak remains appropriate, balanced and effective at all times.

» Download IMD Anti-COVID-19 measures in pdf

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