In turbulent times, leadership is about making tough choices. At IMD, we provide the answers.

As an institution with a strong academic pedigree, our faculty provide world-class thought leadership. Their insight into the current situation and its implications across industries is available on IMD’s Research & Knowledge site

On our quest to provide inclusive learning, we have commissioned a webinar series, Leading in Turbulent Times. Featuring IMD professors, these weekly webinars appear live every Friday at 11am CEST on Zoom. 

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At IMD, we take “Real learning. Real impact.” very seriously. That is why we provide informative materials that challenge what is and inspire what could be. With our Leading in Turbulent Times offerings, challenges become opportunities and executives worldwide can blossom into the leaders of tomorrow, today. 

We look forward to engaging with you and thank you for your support during this challenging time.

Discover Upcoming Webinars

We are delighted to invite you to attend the upcoming sessions in our series, Leading in Turbulent Times. Featuring IMD faculty, these webinars will appear live every Friday at 11am CEST on Zoom.

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Agile decision-making – deciding when you don’t have all the facts

In this webinar, Arnaud Chevallier, IMD Professor of Strategy, shows you how to combine scenario planning and Bayesian thinking in a three-step process to make better decisions under skyrocketing uncertainty.

How to build digital resilience around open innovation

During this webinar, Professor of Innovation and Strategy Louise Muhdi and Professor of Technology Management Öykü Isik will discuss the confident use of new digital communication tools and collaboration technologies in open innovation.

Pivot or persevere? Lead with confidence through 2025
This webinar with Professor of Strategy and Innovation Patrick Reinmoeller will focus on shaping your success as you head into an unknown future.
Watch past webinars

The past webinars are available in the video library below, giving you the chance to glean their insights at your convenience.

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Professor Michael D. Watkins and Nicholas Janni

Visiting Professor of Leadership Nicholas Janni and Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change Michael Watkins will explore the necessary inner qualities of the ‘leader-as-healer’, emotional intelligence, and why meditation and mindfulness are essential inner resources.

Professor Frédéric Dalsace

Marketing tasks have changed. Frédéric Dalsace, IMD Professor of Marketing and Strategy, will show what it will take: adding seven new tasks to the typical marketing agenda.

Professor Sameh Abadir

IMD Professor of Negotiation Sameh Abadir drew from decades of experience to show how to overcome decision-making biases, optimize resources and talents, and make proper concessions and trade-offs, amongst other skills.

Professor Ginka Toegel

Ginka Toegel, IMD Professor of Leadership, discussed the 3 different shifts in leadership that's happening in a new world.

Professor Cyril Bouquet

To what extent is the pandemic-induced regime of remote work, flexible hours and AI-enabled software here to stay?

Professor Albrecht Enders, Lars Häggström and Rafael Lalive

One Swedish success story shows the potential of programs to reskill laid-off workers.

Professor Karl Schmedders, Jung Eung Park , Robert Earle

Governments are all deciding which struggling companies to help out in the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the many looking for help, some have a strange deathly pallor.

Professor Michael R. Wade

While it may not be possible to predict the post COVID-19 landscape, it is still possible to plan for it.

Professor Omar Toulan

This video vignette features IMD Professor of Strategy and International Management Omar Toulan and Scott McDonald, President and CEO of Oliver Wyman, in conversation.

Innovative thinking in turbulent times video mini-series with Professor Louise Muhdi

Part I is titled "The first step to creativity" and focuses on how to unleash creativity amidst external pressure

Innovative thinking in turbulent times video mini-series with Professor Louise Muhdi

The two-part first session concludes with “The ‘new normal’”, which provides tips for embracing creativity. 

A tale of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” video mini-series with Professor Stéphane J. G. Girod

In video two, Professor Girod presents six ways to contribute to a more balanced post-COVID world.


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