Application Deadlines

The application deadlines for the full-time MBA 2022 program are:

  1. February 1st
  2. May 1st
  3. July 1st
  4. September 1st
Situation in Switzerland

June 2021 : Switzerland is relaxing its Covid-19 restrictions as infection rates drop and the vaccination rollout continues across the country.

While anti-covid measures are easing, vigilence remains. If you are considering completing your MBA in 2022, please read the following.

IMD MBA 2022 Participants – COVID Vaccination policy

In order to provide a safe environment for all participants and one in which we can return to as normal interactions as possible, IMD as an institution has decided that as part of its official COVID policy, all participants coming to the IMD campus for face-to-face program (full-time or executive) must be vaccinated with a WHO-approved COVID19 vaccine.

We understand that not all participants, depending on where they are coming from, may have access to a WHO-approved vaccine. As such, we have designed the following policy for the MBAs of the Class of 2022. Based on the current policy, you will fall under one of the four following categories: 

    1. You will be fully vaccinated with a WHO-approved vaccine prior to your arrival 
      If you fall under this category, you are all set. However, we will ask for proof of vaccination closer to date.
    2. You cannot get a WHO-approved vaccine in your country
      In this case, we will help you with the logistics to get you vaccinated in Switzerland and book the first available slot upon your arrival. For the safety of the class, all non-vaccinated MBAs will get tested twice weekly (1 PCR test and 1 Rapid test) until two weeks after their final vaccine shot.
    3. You had COVID, and therefore, you cannot get vaccinated for six months post-infection
      You will need to provide proof of antibodies and proof of infection. Upon your arrival in Switzerland, we will request you to get vaccinated as soon as you can. Until you get vaccinated, you will be tested weekly with PCR and Rapid tests.
    4. You do not want to get vaccinated 
      For the safety of other participants and staff staff, we cannot welcome you to our face-to-face MBA program. If this applies to you, please get in touch with the admissions team to proceed with the cancellation of your admission as we will not be providing an option to follow the classes virtually.

Depending on your vaccination status and the country you are based in, you may need a PCR and/or to quarantine upon your arrival. Please fill in the following survey to check your travel requirements and make sure to take the quarantine time into consideration to be ready for the program opening. In addition, the rules around COVID change regularly. Hence, please make sure you are up to date closer to your planned departure date.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have questions, and we look forward to welcoming you soon.

Omar Toulan
Dean of the IMD MBA Program

Test Centers

Latest updates for GMAT/GRE/TOEFL/IELTS

Register as soon as possible for the best chance to secure your preferred date and time. If you are still unable to take your test, please contact your regional advisor so that they can work with you to find a solution.


Candidates are now able to register to take the GMAT™ Online exam up to two times. An up-to-date status of test center availability can be found on


Visit these pages for the latest information about resources available during the pandemic:

Testing in China


Find test center updates and answers to questions on the IELTS page


In cases where the candidate is unable to submit their GMAT/GRE/TOEFL/IELTS test scores due to the closure of test centers, a conditional offer may be made dependant on the score received once test centers reopen.

Assessment Process

In response to the COVID-19 situation, and the safety of all, our assessment days this year will be conducted online. 

Our online assessments have been designed to change as little as possible from the standard format, whilst still adapting to a virtual format. They offer a mutual opportunity to get to know each other better, and allow us to develop our understanding of the unique aspects that you will bring to the program. They include a team case exercise, spontaneous individual presentations, and an interview with a member of our Admissions team.

Final Response

Candidates who demonstrate the qualities that we look for throughout the application process, but who have been unable to submit their GMAT/GRE/TOEFL/IELTS test results due to the closure of local test centers, will be given a Conditional Offer dependant on the score received once test options are made available.

Refund Policy

IMD business school is constantly reviewing the situation around the coronavirus pandemic and adapting its processes and policies at the same time. Below is the adapted policy concerning the refund of MBA fees during the COVID19 pandemic. We will continue to make any further necessary adjustments as the situation evolves.

Reviewed Policy during COVID19 pandemic

  • Deposit fees are non-refundable
  • Exceptions where a full refund of any fees (deposit and tuition) paid or a deferral to the next year may be possible:
    • Major illness (accompanied by a medical certificate)
    • Bereavement (accompanied by a certificate)
    • Visas:
      • If Switzerland doesn’t issue visas for a specific country due to COVID19
      • If candidate is unable to apply for a visa due to administrative constraints beyond their power (e.g.: closure of Swiss consulates or embassies without other alternatives in place; etc)

The IMD MBA Recruitment and Admissions team are committed to helping applicants to adapt to their individual circumstances during the challenges we all face during the COVID-19 crisis.

If you have any questions about your application that we can help you with, please contact your regional advisor directly or send our team a message at