Looking for training that's tuned in to the specific challenges of family businesses?

Looking for training that's tuned in to the specific challenges of family businesses?

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Family Business Issues

Family Business IssuesFamily business issues are often more diverse and complex compared to those in other companies. In family businesses, “business” and “family” are a tapestry where business challenges, personal emotions, family values and vision are all interwoven - sometimes harmoniously, sometimes with vivid contrasts. And of course, family firms still face all the challenges of any business looking for the edge in an ever-changing market. Understanding is the first step to staying on top of family business issues.

Benefits of succession planning

The benefits of succession planning are numerous, but not always well recognized. Most corporate entities today, regardless of size and location, cannot do without a carefully crafted management succession plan. In order to minimize risks associated with the loss of valuable personnel, companies must engage in talent pool management by first realizing the benefits of succession planning. 

Best practices in succession planning

Best practices in succession planning should be followed for any corporate succession planning. Following best practices will help ensure a smooth transition following the planned - or sudden - departure of executives. Despite the clear benefits of succession planning, all too many companies fail to implement any kind of management succession plan - let alone follow best practices in succession planning. Such companies risk disrupted management direction and even disastrous financial results while the executive board scrambles to find a suitable replacement. 

Corporate succession planning

Family Business IssuesCorporate succession planning is a process that enables companies to identify and develop internal people with a goal to fill key business leadership positions in the company. Effective corporate succession planning increases the availability of experienced and capable individuals who are prepared to assume such roles as they become available. Corporate succession planning.

Family business

Leading a family business can be a complex affair."Family" and "business" are intertwined into a mix of business challenges, family values and generational differences - meaning that the issues faced by a family business issues are often more diverse and complicated than those faced by other companies. At the same time, a family business has the same need for strong leadership and effective business strategies as any other business. Understanding these dimensions is key to the continued success of a family business.

Family business

"Family business?" The candidate for the senior executive position raised his eyebrows when he heard the executive search firm consultant mentioning the corporate characteristic of his client. "But I'm not part of the family, so how can I fit in?" was the high potential's straightforward question. And the headhunter had to admit that working for a family business requires a different approach than working in a public company. So what is so special about working in a family business?

Family business dynamics

Family Business IssuesFamily business dynamics can be complicated, but when leveraged astutely, those very dynamics can also give the edge to outperform publicly held corporations. 

Family constitution

The family constitution is a key part of strategic planning for the family business. It details the core values, vision and mission of the family business. It defines the governance structure of the family business with its roles, composition and powers. A well-developed family constitution can ensure strength, evolution and ultimately the family legacy. 

Family owned business

"Family owned business" is a synonym for entrepreneurship, innovation and strong values deeply rooted throughout the whole company. Often these values are derived from many generations of the family being directly involved in the leadership and management of the company. Up to 90% of the world's businesses belong to the category of a family-owned business. - and in most countries, family businesses are described as the "backbone" of the economy.

Leadership development

Family Business IssuesLeadership development is important for individual managers and companies alike. At the individual level, leadership development helps managers to keep up-to-date and prepare for greater leadership responsibilities. For companies, it represents an opportunity for ongoing organizational development to stay competitive as well as a vital part of the succession planning process. 

Leadership development

Leadership development is an essential aspect of good corporate leadership and applies to both the company and individual executives. For the company, a clear leadership development plan helps ensure the organization has the right kinds of competencies at all levels, in order to stay competitive in ever-evolving global markets. Leadership development is also a vital part of succession planning - and hence business risk management. For managers, leadership development programs are a great way to gain new knowledge, strengthen existing skills and build new competencies - either to perform better in a current position or to prepare for more senior leadership responsibilities. 

Management succession plan

A management succession plan should be one of the most obvious tasks for the CEO or any top management of a leading company. After all, we know that we can't go on forever, right? Yet despite the clear benefits of succession planning, there are numerous examples of global fortune 500 companies that have failed to adopt any kind of management succession plan. The result is often a company that then has a lack of management direction and often poor, if not disastrous, financial results as the executive board look to find a suitable replacement. 

Strategic planning for the family business

Family Business IssuesStrategic planning for the family business takes dedication, savvy - and sometimes, a little help from the outside. To make sure your family business leverages the opportunities of today and stays strong into tomorrow, it’s wise to consider executive education designed especially for family businesses. This can provide an excellent environment to take stock of your strengths and key challenges, gain new perspectives and tap into expert guidance to develop your strategic planning for the family business. 

Succession in a family business

Succession in a family business is perhaps the most critical challenge among the many unique challenges of family businesses. Succession can be a key moment for the survival of a family business, especially when families are unprepared, lack global perspective or are caught up in emotional issues. Good business schools that offer executive development programs especially for family businesses can help alleviate this risk by providing impartial expert guidance on strategies for succession in family business. 

Succession planning

Succession planning is one of the most important tasks a corporation faces. It is not only related to the strategic management of potentially disruptive changes, but also to long-term business success. Succession planning should reflect the vision of the company, its business strategy and its human resources. It must also be part of business risk management and corporate governance processes. 

Succession planning

"Succession planning" is the somewhat surprising answer you may get from a chief executive officer when asked what keeps him or her awake at night - particularly a good CEO. Planning and implementing business growth strategies, turning industry analysis into business strategies and enabling effective stakeholder engagement are among the many leadership challenges that confront senior business leaders in their daily work. Another critical leadership challenge is succession planning. 

Succession planning models

Succession planning models represent an integral part of successful succession planning. Broadly defined, corporate succession planning is a process that allows firms to identify and develop internal candidates with a clear objective to fill senior-level positions as and when they become available. In other words, if well executed, corporate succession planning becomes part of a risk management strategy, which aims to minimize a company's exposure to skills shortage - especially in times of crisis, such as the sudden departure of a top executive. Minimizing the potential risk of personnel loss through carefully planned and executed succession planning models is crucial to an organization's continued success.

Succession planning process

A succession planning process is crucial for the continued success of all businesses. Indeed, companies should view the succession planning process as part of their overall business risk management plan. After all, what can be more risky for a company than changing its leader - or any person in a key position? With advance planning and grooming of potential successors through a succession planning process, a company can prepare for a smooth transition when any change - expected or unexpected - takes place. 

Succession planning process

Succession planning process — do you have one for your organization? Your business may be prospering now but the long-term outlook may not be so rosy if you fail to prepare adequately for the future.

A detailed succession planning process involves a number of steps to ensure that your company can identify and develop executive talent to fill leadership positions with the right people and to ensure continuity. Without an effective succession planning process, an organization risks losing focus and momentum. In today's competitive environment, companies ignore corporate succession planning at their peril.

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Explore IMD's Leading the Family Business program, the world's longest-running family business program. Download the (NEW) program brochure now.


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