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Executive Training Program

An executive training program, a good executive training program, should prepare you to take on greater responsibility and meet today's complex business challenges. It should hone your skills and talent, and give you practical tools and experience that you can use straight away. And most importantly, it should help you move forward in your career.

OK, but what makes a truly good executive training program?

If you're looking for time away from the office, a couple of PowerPoint presentations, free coffee and croissants and something to put on your CV.... it's not that. A good executive training program is innovative, challenging and focused on the real world. It provides the latest business knowledge and relevant tools, builds management and leadership skills, and gives you hands-on experience. It stretches you in ways you never imagined, giving you new perspectives and insights. In short, good management training programs are a life-changing experience.

IMD business school provides exactly this kind of executive training program to managers at all levels.

A few things that make IMD's executive training program portfolio good

Executive Training Program1... A top business management school. IMD is widely recognized as one of the top business schools in the world. Our executive education programs and masters in business administration degrees are consistently ranked right at the top by publications such as the Financial Times, Forbes, and Bloomberg Businessweek. So with an IMD executive training program, you know you're learning from the best.

Executive Training Program2... Expanded business horizons. A good understanding of your business or function is clearly essential - but you'll need a broader perspective to move forward in your career and continue to drive business results. For young managers, this usually starts with deepening your understanding across all business functions: like finance, innovation, marketing, operations and strategy. Managers wishing to move into general management need an in-depth awareness of how the world is changing and the mega trends shaping the future. Knowledge of key global markets is also indispensable. Even senior managers can benefit from new perspectives on broader economic and societal challenges and how to find game-changing moves. IMD's management training programs broaden your business horizon in these ways.

Executive Training Program3... Leadership development. Knowledge of business is essential - but what will set you apart in the long run is your ability to lead. Different IMD management training programs help you with this in different ways, depending on your level. Young managers get a strong foundation in leadership principles – the theory. Many programs improve your self-awareness through leadership coaching and allow you to practice your leadership skills. More experienced managers delve into the specific leadership challenges of senior and top management.

Executive Training Program4... Challenging and engaging. Remember the Power Points and croissants? It just doesn't work if you're looking for true, life-changing professional and personal development. You've got to get in there and stretch yourself throughout the executive training program. You have ample opportunities for this an IMD management training program. In addition to very hands-on leadership development described above, there are thought-provoking assignments, lively discussions on real‑life cases, and challenging individual and group work.

Executive Training Program5... Immediate and lasting value. IMD's executive education programs consolidate your learning with real-world projects. Being truly relevant to your job means you get so much more out of an executive training program - and also that you bring immediate value to your organization. We also provide follow-up coaching and support after many programs to help ensure this value is lasting, to both you and your company.

Executive Training Program6... It works. Past participants tell us that IMD management training programs helped them reach new heights of leadership and overcome business challenges. They've been launched into new career opportunities and responsibilities, and benefited from a journey of life-long learning - exactly what they wanted from an executive training program.


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Find how IMD's Building On Talent program will develop your skills! Download the (NEW) program brochure now.


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