Digital Transformation Programs

Develop in-demand skills and kickstart your digital business transformation, opening up new opportunities for your business with advances in digital technologies. Fast-track your knowledge with the IMD Digital Excellence Diploma, become a digital expert in just 15 days.

Start your Digital Diploma
Leveraging digital innovations to transform your business
Designed for business leaders and senior managers who want to develop a strategic roadmap for digital business transformation in their organizations.
Accelerate your software expertise
Understand the software technologies and processes that enable digital transformation. Spot opportunities for digital transformation in your organization
Using digital transformation to boost your competitive advantage
Understand the best way forward strategically to transform your business. Leave with several strategic plans ready to test in your organization and the marketplace.
Leverage big data and analytics in your business
Understand what big data and analytics can do for your business and how you can best utilize and allocate resources in these areas.
Leading your team through change
Develop the specific skills required to become a digital leader. Experiment with new behaviours and receive feedback from coaches and faculty.
Bringing digital strategy to life
Experiment with the latest techniques used by agile companies and discover the most effective ways to carry out digital transformation capably and quickly across your...
Inspiring technologies that can transform your business
New joint program by IMD business school and EPFL (Ecole polytechnique fédérale Lausanne), that helps you transform your business through harnessing new technologies
Master the skills of online-offline marketing
Adapt the best tried-and-tested marketing concepts to today’s disruptive environment and discover which digital tools will enable you to thrive.
Discover the future of supply chain management
Provides supply-chain, sourcing or operations senior executives with analytical tools, to better exploit efficiencies, manage risk and improve the visibility of costs...
Competing in the Digital Vortex
Navigate through digital disruption and organizational transformation. Latest research indicates that by 2020, 4 of today’s top 10 companies by market share will be...

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