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How board directors make a real difference
Exposes board members to the latest research on top performing boards and shares best practice from different global governance regimes
Assure the continuity of your family business
Helps family businesses to better understand and manage their own challenges by sharing experiences and benchmarking success with other family firms
Creating it, governing it, preserving it
Helps families of wealth set up and sustainably maintain their own Single Family Office
Achieving high performance throughout the value chain
Changes the way business leaders think about innovation and technology strategy, and provides a comprehensive roadmap for achieving breakthrough performance across the...
Grow your business through innovation
Drive innovation by gaining insights from the lessons of successful innovators, and develop the tools to continuously innovate in today's world of constant change and...
Creating value through financial excellence
Refreshes and refines the skills of senior financial and business executives through a broadened understanding of the latest financial concepts and tools
Develop confidence in analysis and managerial finance
Refine your intuition for solving key financial problems, analyze alternatives in decision making and formulate value-maximizing strategies
Leveraging complexity to build win-win partnerships
Helps executives master the negotiation frameworks and processes required to manage successful value-driven win-win partnerships
Make smart moves that drive your business forward
Diagnose your external and internal business arenas and formulate strategic approaches to solve your current and future business challenges
Drive your strategy to successful execution
Understand and overcome the key challenges that come with driving strategic change, and learn practical frameworks to successfully steer your strategic initiative
Build the right partnerships for your business
Develop a clear roadmap on how to either establish a strategic partnership, or manage a strategic partnership for success
A value-based approach
Take a value-based approach to marketing management and develop the skills and capabilities that can make you a more relevant and influential marketer for your business...
Optimize your pricing to maximize your profits
Understand the gaps in your pricing capabilities and develop a concrete action plan to secure and increase your company's profit margin
Executing strategy through world-class learning and development
Empowers corporate learning professionals to develop and implement successful learning strategies across their organizations and drive business growth as a result
Put sustainability at the heart of your business strategy
Understand what it means to be a sustainable leader and create an action plan of how to introduce sustainability into your business operations.

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