Module 1: Redefine your opportunity
2 weeks of liVe Virtual learning

During the first module of this strategic management course you will explore the full range of strategic possibilities and new solutions available.

Throughout the module you will be inspired by real-world cases that will bring you new perspectives, the possibilities are tremendous.

Learning from the experiences of leading innovators, visionaries and industry leaders will guide you and spark fresh thinking, in which you grapple with a set of “what if?” scenarios.

At the end of the module, you will be poised to test your business solution.

This liVe Virtual module is delivered over two weeks, 3 days a week, and for 3 hours on each day.

First week of Module 2: Test your idea in a strategy lab
On-campus combined with off-site workshops

Start your week with a leadership retreat in the Swiss Alps, to work on strengthening your executive presence as a senior leader.

Heading into the second module of the program you move from idea to reality: crystalizing, stress-testing, and gathering evidence for your solution. You will become astute — understanding the challenges that commonly trip up innovation and you will become savvy to reposition yourself and accordingly.

Join off-campus workshops with entrepreneurs and innovators for Innovation@Work.

You end the week working on viable prototypes and mockups to take back to your business

Second week of Module 2: Strategic execution
On-campus engagement with world-class faculty

Without execution, big ideas go nowhere. During this final week of the program, you concentrate on taking your idea to reality. You will return to work with a concrete plan and implementation road map to ensure immediate impact back at work.

You will also return to work with a broader, stronger leadership repertoire that will help you to bring your key stakeholders on board. Through training in small groups with professional actors, you will master new ways to communicate your vision with passion and confidence. Peer coaching will bring about a deep change in the way you think, work and lead.

At the end of the module, you reconnect with your workplace to jump-start your new big idea.

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